Herschel Lessin


Brief Introductory Bio:   Herschel Lessin MD


Dr. Lessin has been a practicing community Pediatrician for 38 years.  He is the founder and senior partner of The Children’s Medical Group, a private practice comprising 26 Pediatric clinicians in 8 office locations over 3 counties in New York State’s Mid Hudson Valley region.


Dr. Lessin received his MD from Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto California and did his Pediatric internship and residency at Yale.  Although practicing in the community, he has been active in the American Academy of Pediatrics on a national level, having written several national policy statements on such topics as Immunization Access, Cocooning infants by Immunizing parents in the pediatric office, Instrument Based Vision Screening, and most recently the newly released 2019 Clinical Practice Guidelines for Pediatric offices.  He is also the co-editor of the ADHD toolkit, an online resource linked to the practice guidelines that provides practical tools and processes to evaluate and treat ADHD in the general Pediatric Office.  He currently serves on the Payer Advocacy and Advisory Committee, a national committee that interfaces with American insurance payers, both commercial and governmental that assists practicing pediatricians get adequate payment for the critical services they provide to Children with as little hassle and interference as possible.

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